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Report reveals the world's safest cities -- and the U.S. doesn't fare well

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The Economist has revealed the 10 cities calculated to be the safest in the world in a new report -- and it doesn't spell good news for the United States. 

A total of 60 cities around the globe were assessed and rankings were based on a number of factors in four main security categories—personal, digital, health, and infrastructure.

Tokyo took the top spot -- performing well across the board, leading the world in digital security and earning high marks in the health division.  Singapore and Osaka took 2nd and 3rd places respectively. 

Toronto, the only North American city earning a top-10 ranking, comes in at number 4, followed by Melbourne, Amsterdam, and Sydney, which fill slots 5 through 7, in that order. 

Rounding out the 10 safest cities in the world are Stockholm at 8, Hong Kong landing at 9, and Zurich claiming number 10. 

The highest-ranking U.S. city is San Francisco at 15th place. 

The Economist notes that U.S. city scores at large took a hit due to the nation’s failing infrastructure.  Dallas was the lowest ranked American city, coming in at 26.

But the poorest performers ranking from 56 to 60, were Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Dhaka, Yangon, and Karachi.

Top 15 safest world cities in 2017

  • Golden Gate bridge at San Francisco with the clear sky.

    15. San Francisco 

    Safe Cities score: 83.55

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • The 'Heunginjimun' (Gate of rising benevolence) in Seoul illuminated at night with Dongdaemun district. Originally built in 1398 it is one of the 8 gates of Seoul

    14. Seoul

    Safe Cities score: 83.61

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • BARCELONA, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 13, 2014: Passeig de Gracia in winter dawn. Barcelona, Spain

    13. Barcelona

    Safe Cities score: 83.71

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Calle de Alcala in Madrid, Spain

    12. Madrid

    Safe Cities score: 83.88

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Town square romerberg Frankfurt Germany

    11. Frankfurt

    Safe Cities score: 84.86

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Zurich Cityscape, Switzerland

    10. Zurich

    Safe Cities score: 85.20

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Hong Kong night scape

    9. Hong Kong

    Safe Cities score: 86.22

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Gamla stan in Stockholm

    8. Stockholm

    Safe Cities score: 86.72

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Sydney City Twilight
    7. Sydney

    Safe Cities score: 86.74

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Bridges and Canals of Amsterdam Illuminated at Sunset Holland
    6. Amsterdam

    Safe Cities score: 87.26

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • The city of Melbourne, Australia.
    5. Melbourne

    Safe Cities score: 87.26

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Downtown Toronto
    4. Toronto

    Safe Cities score: 87.36

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Namba area street in Osaka, Japan
    3. Osaka

    Safe Cities score: 88.87

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Aerial View Over Singapore Marina Bay
    2. Singapore

    Safe Cities score: 89.64

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Tokyo Skyline
    1. Tokyo

    Safe Cities score: 89.80

    (Photo via Getty Images)

15 least safe cities in the world 2017

  • View of Bogota center, Colombia
    15. Bogota

    Safe Cities score: 61.36

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Kingdom tower
    14. Riyadh

    Safe Cities score: 61.23

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Casablanca
    13. Casablanca

    Safe Cities score: 61.20

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Panoramic view of urban landscape in Bangkok Thailand
    12. Bangkok

    Safe Cities score: 60.05

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • View of Johannesburg skyline on a sunny day
    11. Johannesburg

    Safe Cities score: 59.17

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • The Pyramids over Cairo
    10. Cairo

    Safe Cities score: 58.33

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Skyline of Tehran below the snow-capped Alborz Mountains
    9. Tehran

    Safe Cities score: 56.49

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Quito Ecuador city view
    8. Quito

    Safe Cities score: 56.39

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Caracas Aerial View
    7. Caracas

    Safe Cities score: 55.22

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • rockwell makati city manila philippines
    6. Manila

    Safe Cities score: 54.86

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    5. Ho Chi Minh City

    Safe Cities score: 54.33

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Jakarta Intersection
    4. Jakarta

    Safe Cities score: 53.39

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh
    3. Dhaka

    Safe Cities score: 47.37

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Yangon Alleyway
    2. Yangon

    Safe Cities score: 46.47

    (Photo via Getty Images)

  • Karachi -a high angle view
    1. Karachi

    Safe Cities score: 38.77

    (Photo via Getty Images)

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